Cash Game Festival

What is Cash Game Festival you might think…. In today’s poker community most of the focus has been on the tournament circuits. Still the majority of poker players are leisure oriented Cash Game players that prefer to play a few hours of poker without the need to dedicate several days for their favourite past time activity.

Throughout the festivals the poker players are presented with 24h poker games over 5 days at the stakes and game choice that they are requesting. For example at Aspers Casino we will have 40 tables running from £1-£1 to as high as players requests and one main character of the festival is that we are player friendly meaning that the rake across all stops are capped at maximum £10 or €10 depending on local currency.

More information on the current event can be found visiting the Cash Game Festival Blog

Upcoming Tour Stops

Wednesday 8th - Sunday 12th August, 2018

Cash Game Festival Bulgaria

Platinum Casino, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach is a fantastic summer resort for playing poker. During the summer season it's one of the most popular place to visit in Black Sea. Besides the good weather and variety of summer activities it's also a popular place for poker players, and when Cash Game Festival rolls into town it attracts players from Bulgaria, Russia, Israel, Turkey, U.K and Scandinavia.

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